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Those Funny Wedding Dance Videos

Date Published:
August 26, 2008

I have seen several episodes of "Rock The Reception", I think that most of them are awful as seen by the look of horror on their friends and famlies faces.
Don't ask me to make you into a total joke, it makes me uncomfortable.
I have a long list of things that you should not be seen doing in your wedding gown , especially choreographed in a dance!
I especially don't like the idea of using songs with obviously nasty lyrics.

There is one funny one to "Baby Got Back" , Now it has been done, I hope never to be imitated.

All of those funny wedding dance videos on Youtube...

here are the first few that people have been talking about...

This is the Dirty Dancing Mambo routine.
Way too much work to learn and memorize.

This is a pretty good Foxtrot, the Ballroom Dance lots of choreography.
I would guess they took at least 15 hours of lessons or more.
You would not get this much choreography in 3-5 lessons!

I actually like this one, if someone is going to do a funny cute, Swing First dance, they pulled off a fun Lindy Hop and matched each other well. Not enough romance for my taste. It wasn't so much about us together at this moment married, more like hey look we take swing dancing lessons!

This was wrong on so many levels, starts nice but then gets vulgar!
JUST SAY NO to getting Nasty! She looks nasty, the groom's family will think she is a tramp forever.

I wish this Groom had just danced by himself. Some dances should not be done in a wedding dress. Not Pretty.

This is only one of the worst videos I found! They should have simplified! I feel bad for them, she falls in the beginning! I can't imagine how long they practiced all of this stuff but it didn't work and was way overdone. Way to difficult.
They are not actors or dancers, it was weird in places.
What a beautiful ballroom!