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All About Dance » Q13 Fox news,interviews Shannon about wedding dances

Q13 Fox news,interviews Shannon about wedding dances


**** I was interviewed for an hour and then it was edited down to a 3 minute piece for the news,
They were most interested in the Surprise and Funny Dances and thus focused on that part. I do teach a few couples every year some surprise dances but that is a small percentage of my bride and grooms. Most couples opt for more traditional, romantic slow dancing trying to look nice and show their true feelings and take about 5 lessons or so.Surprise dances are more difficult, take longer and let's face it Comedy is Hard!! I have taught the Evolution of Dance routine but I think it has been down enough. I encourage originalty if a couple wants to be interesting.
Anyway, here is the news interview.

The video of the fun dancing is no longer available on the Q13 website but here is the text.

Q13 Fox Online Staff Staff reporter Dana Rebeck
10:06 PM PDT, August 10, 2009

LAKE CITY - Starting a wedding off with a bang is what many couples are doing now, before posting their elaborate dance routines on the internet.

You may have seen the outrageous performances on Youtube, like the wedding party in Minnesota that entered the church to Chris Brown's song "forever", but it's also a growing new trend here in the Northwest.

Those kind of moves are what dance instructor Shannon Knauss teaches best. She runs a dance studio near Lake City and has taught couples formal wedding dancing for years, but Knauss says now, the demand is for more sexy, modern routines.

"I think it's a fun way for people to show their personalities and make the wedding fun," said Knauss, "you put so much planning into the wedding the dance should be a huge part of it."

For a Broadway show type dance with a long list of songs, dance instructors say plan on taking at least 10 to 20 lessons, which can be a big commitment.

"They're going to remember it and learn something about the couple," said Knauss, "and wow, they get along great, they have fun together, it's a great sign for a marriage."

Knauss is working with a Seattle couple right now and we hear they're starting out with a slow dance and then busting into Justin Timberlake's 'Bringing Sexy Back', and who knows, you may be able to check it out soon on Youtube.

Video is now unavailable,0,114923.story