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The Dance Lesson Date for Couples

Shannon (
Date Published:
August 15, 2008

Would you like to try a dance lesson as a fun date activity?
Great Idea! Take a private lesson.
Don't get separated at a group class!
I can and get you both laughing and having fun in minutes.
Dances like Salsa, Romantic Rumba, Slow Tango, Nightclub, even Club & R&B Music.

In one hour lesson I can show you how to make her laugh, smile, move, rock, swing, sway, dip, twirl, spin, and possibly swoon.
I will also have you in at least 6 different dance positions.
This is a private lesson with a female instructor.
There will be no other men practicing with your date!
Lessons are scheduled in advance.
Pre-payment by Paypal Credit or debit card only
The very mention of taking a dance lesson is worth 50 points, following through, 150 points!

Would you like your man to take you out on the floor at a club and enjoy dancing as much as you ?

First you have to let him know that it is going to be all about him!
Once he is confident that he is going to be the leader and that your eye contact will follow his. He will enjoy being strong and moving you to the music. A dance lesson is the best way to ease into it.

Dancing is a spark igniter!