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Now offering Fitness Training with Stephanie Duryea

Shannon (
Date Published:
August 23, 2009
Personal Fitness Training, for every Phase of your Life!

Morning Workouts with Stephanie Duryea

Now offering one-on-one fitness training with a certified personal trainer.

Private, semi-private, and group classes available. Monday-Friday 8am-12pm. Special times can be accommodated.

Exercise should be fun! Yes, fun! Whether you are gearing up for your big wedding day, want to get stronger and more toned for the upcoming season, or would just like to feel and look amazing, you can enjoy the journey. The enjoyment and knowledge you experience along the way will be just as valuable as reaching your destination.

It’s all about setting short-term goals and being positive instead of dwelling on the negative like how far you have slipped from your ideal weight. There is no substitute for a motivated person who approaches their task with an optimistic outlook and a realistic plan for reaching their goals.

You will be surprised at just how fast your body responds to quick, repetitive workouts. Give yourself 2-3 weeks of regular workouts (3-5 times per week) and you will see a noticeable difference in your fitness level. And it’s always a good time to start introducing some healthy alternatives to your diet if you haven’t already…Nutrition is 80% of your success!

Public gyms can be crowded, intimidating, confusing and just plain gross! The list of reasons for putting off exercise is already long enough without adding more people, distractions and having to wait for equipment. So whether you are looking to improve general health and fitness, increase muscle tone and fat loss, strengthen your cardiovascular health, increase flexibility, balance or core strength, we will work in a private, comfortable (and don’t forget fun!) setting to help you reach your goals.

Personal trainers can help anyone, no matter your age, size or health status. We create customized fitness programs to fit each client’s goals, lifestyle and fitness level. We want health and fitness to play an important role in every phase of your life so you can go out there and live life, happily and with energy and pizzazz!

What you can expect when we first meet:

§ In-depth discussion to better understand your unique goals and obstacles, including any injuries and/or limitations and your exercise history

§ Determine weight and take measurements that will serve as a baseline from which we will progress (remember to not be a scale hound, the best barometers are how you feel, look and how your clothes fit)

§ Assessment of upper and lower body and core strength, check for alignment and postural deviations

§ Discuss key components of fitness (Hint: the first one is Nutrition!)

§ A fun time!


We advise that you seek clearance from a medical professional before starting any personal training or exercise program if you have 2 or more risk factors for CHD (Coronary Heart Disease), which include but are not limited to: Male over 45 yrs old or female over 55 yrs old, smoker, blood pressure is >140/90 mmHg, blood cholesterol is >200 mg.dl, family history of heart problems, are physically inactive

Meet Stephanie:

My passion for sports, nutrition and fitness started at an early age playing competitive softball and soccer. In more recent years, I have found a love for a variety of sports including boxing, running and swimming. Back then it was about having fun and being part of a team, and I think that still applies today, in whatever we do. I am a strong believer in doing things we love to stay happy and healthy, so I became a personal trainer to share my passion and help others achieve and exceed their goals. I strive to develop the best comfort, intensity and motivation levels for each individual client, and I feel very lucky to have been given this opportunity to increase people’s quality of life through fitness.