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Mr.Moonlight Cd released , Shannon Knauss Vocalist

Date Published:
February 14, 2004

Please pass this news along to all of your music loving friends...

Dear Friends,

A composed piece of Music is more than a product of momentary inspiration; it is the reflection of experiences accumulated in life, of places visited and of people met...

I am excited to share some personal news with you and everyone who enjoys genuine new music. As some of you know, for the past several years I’ve been passionately working on my solo music project, composing and recording my new album.

As of today, I am delighted to announce that my second CD album "Virtues&Vices" has officially been released and is now available at, soon to be joined by, and other select music outlets. This album offers over 60 minutes of original music,original poetic lyrics and vocals by Shannon Knauss on FireDancer and intricately laced Ambient, New Age and Classical melodies. My primary goal is to generate as much interest as possible and obtain a recording and distribution deal, and, ultimately mark a positive contribution in life through music.

I welcome you and your friends : browse my website, check out the artwork (Paris, Prague, Dublin, Seattle), enjoy listening to the free tracks, and buy my music if you like it. In any case, let me know what you think - I’d really love to hear from you.



Never give up your drea

Ps: Below is the industry promo letter – you can download the full-graphics pdf version from (505Kb)

Discover Virtues& Vices:

Virtues&Vices is the exclusive CD release from Seattle based producer/ composer MRMOONLIGHT.

Following the release of his first album Diary of Dreams, MRMOONLIGHT once again offers over 60 minutes of spellbinding original music, intricately laced with Ambient, New age and Classical melodies.
Album Reviews & Testimonials:

…Sensual and arousing, a consistently engaging and relaxing record. Classy and elegant.

…Strong melodies are the standouts. Well conceived melodic structure delivered with deep supportive arrangements.

…Quite emotional and evocative. Played with the proper amount of reserve.

…You find yourself listening to one song, then two… next thing you realize is that Virtues&Vices has you pleasantly ushered on a captivating journey through an attractive repertoire of well-crafted songs; dynamic upbeat tunes, sensual and arousing ambient melodies, and hauntingly emotional musical scores.

…A beautiful unique blending of diverse styles of music – like no other on the market, bound to be hailed as a trend-setting first.

…The rich melodic structure, as it ebbs and flows in both flair and intensity, at times employs a single naked piano, and at others a culmination of dozens of diverse instruments all transitioning naturally from one stage to another, always in just the right touch.

…What distinguishes this album from any others of comparable genre is the meticulously well-crafted melodies and harmony structures, the shared in-depth knowledge of music theory embodying both the contemporary and the classical.


Consumers who enjoy genuinely well-crafted fine music : anyone who wants to chill out after an ecstatic night out on the town, add a touch of class to a candlelight dinner, relax after a long day on the slopes or a fulfilling workout, start the mornings with an uplifting note or end the evenings on a soothing melody.

MRMOONLIGHT is extremely well received by the international and domestic DJ set, being played by major radio stations and night clubs. Strong pre-sales and media coverage are documented in the US as well as Europe and Asia, with exclusive articles and positive reviews appearing across major newspapers. Expect expanded coverage including future TV appearances for this release.

Also available from MRMOONLIGHT:

Diary of Dreams (1999)

Ordering, Licensing, Booking Information:

To order please contact:


PO Box 19182 Seattle WA 98109