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Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Dance Lessons

Date Published:
November 9, 2006

For package descriptions and prices for private wedding dance lessons please see the Wedding Planning page on our website

TOP 10 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the lesson rate per person? No, the private lesson and package rates are for the couple. Please inquire about group rates for additional people.

2. "How long is one lesson?"
Each lesson is 55 minutes long and can start on the hour or on the half-hour.
The rehearsal space is rented by the hour, and I usually schedule clients back-to-back, so it is not always possible to run overtime, since you would be cutting into someone else's hour. Please try to arrive on time.

3. "Do we have to sign up for a package of lessons
if we don't feel that we can fit it into our schedule?"
No, I offer discounts on the initial wedding packages but you decide how many lessons you need, and you are more than welcome to pay per lesson as you go.

4."What form of payment do you accept?"
I accept payment in person cash or check only.
I accept credit card payments on the website Via only. is a safe and secure way to make online credit or debit card payments without giving your personal information or credit or debit card information to merchants or websites. It's Great! Millions of people doing business on Ebay or online shopping use it.

5. "What is the best to make an appointment-- phone or email?"
You are welcome to do either...
however, it is easier for me if you email me all the info.
I do not take phone calls while on lessons and I teach at all different hours. On a busy week I can get 20+ calls on the voicemail.
It is easier for me if you email me all the info.

6. What should we wear to the dance lesson?
Dress is casual, sneakers are ok on the first lesson, dress shoes or wedding shoes by the last lesson.
Smooth leather sole or THIN Soled shoes that stay on your feet are best. No Clogs, No Thongs ,No Mules.
Ladies should not wear open toed shoes to the first lesson if possible.
please protect your feet from him until he learns his steps
Also, it's not a good idea to wear your actual wedding shoes for the first lesson-- Make sure to cover your wedding shoes toes with clear tape to protect from scuff marks until wedding day.

7. If we are really bad dancers, should we pick a really slow song?
No! Dancing slow is HARDER than dancing fast.
At Last by Etta James is a really slow song, it is not an easy song to dance to because it has a tricky jazz beat, so beware when picking this one, it is actually one of the more difficult songs for dancing!
In order to be able to do justice to a slow song, you have to remain calm & steady,filling in the gaps in the music with minute, fluid, subtle body movement.
Normally you'd have to be a very experienced dancer with great rhythm to pull this off.
If you doubt your dance abilities at all, you should go with a medium tempo song-- not too slow.
Starting the party off with a fun and lively upbeat song can get everyone in a great dancing mood.

8. "We're not sure what dance or song we want to do for our First Dance. Any suggestions?"
First look at your own music, bands that you like together
After that, the Sinatra jazz standards are a safe bet ("The Way You Look Tonight", "Fly Me to the Moon", etc.).
The song you pick determines the dance you do, though some songs can fit into more than one dance style.
I have had couples do anything from the jazz standards mentioned above to Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Van Morrison, nya, Sade, Celine Dion, Faith Hill, Julio Iglesias, Sting, Firehouse, Marc Anthony, Ronan Keating , Alison Krause, Maroon 5, Coldplay, U2, Marc Cohn, Michael Buble, Al Green, even Led Zepplin & Weezer

9. "Will you ever sell our contact info to other people/businesses for mailing lists?"

10. ."If we have to cancel, do we lose our lesson?"
You are welcome to cancel and/or reschedule your appointment,
and will incur no charge as long as you call to report the cancellation with 24 hours notice.
I can be reached at 206-533-8855
If I do not answer the phone, you can leave a voicemail,
When you schedule an appointment, I hold that spot for you
and turn away all other clients who request that spot.
In order to be able to offer your spot to others in the event you cancel, I need time to rebook it. So if you do not give sufficient notice, or are a "no-show", you will be responsible for payment or the lesson will be deducted from your package . Sorry to have to take such a tough stand but I cannot be responsible for forgotten or lost appointment cards I can only be flexible for true emergencies. If you really are sick or have an emergency call me immediately. I do understand that things do happen, I have a family of my own too.

11. Will you come and teach us at our home?
Yes, please inquire about rates and availabilty.