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Dance Lessons for Women By a Woman

Shannon Knauss (
Date Published:
June 10, 2011

Shannon offers private lessons for single women, groups of women or women couples.

My friendly personality will make your dance lessons fun as well as instructional and rewarding!

If you are looking to learn partner dances, I can teach you to lead or follow or both and am versatile in all styles of partner dances.

Some of my favorite dances,,,, Swing, West Coast Swing, Two-step, Blues, Salsa, Rumba, Disco, Cha-Cha, Waltz, Foxtrot!

One-on-one dance training and image counseling celebrating the female body and mind!
All sizes of bodies and minds are welcome!

I will help you with technique, confidence, and the development of your own personal identity. I want you to find your strength and power in your individuality.

Many women prefer taking lessons from a woman when working on the body discussing female imagery and expressing our sexuality, regardless of orientation.

I am available to help with choreography or to offer constructive critique of solo performance dance.
Whether your goal is to dance for an audience of one or one hundred or to dance like no one is watching,
I will watch your dance and give you an honesty that comes from love.
I will absolutely look for the light that shines in you and focus on the positives.
I will also give you ideas to move you forward.

I realize the importance of being able to truly express ourselves and that dance is a beautiful medium through which we can let our hearts speak.

I encourage women to be passionate and to expel bad body images or stereotypes.

Through loving yourself, your body will respond to you and dance for your mind.

From Ballroom, Latin, Country, West Coast Swing, GoGo to Burlesque, if you want to express passion in your dancing contact me for an initial phone consultation.

Shannon choreographed our wedding dance, like everything else our song and dance was non-traditional, Shannon was a blast to work with and we pulled off a surprise dance for our guests that was a highlight of the night! Vicki & Grace, December, 5th, 2010

I met Shannon at a Century Ballroom dance night. I had been taking group classes but after watching Shannon dance I wanted to know how to look good, I felt like I had just been learning patterns in group classes. She was so easy to talk too and even on my first lesson I had a much better understanding and I started to look better, I am already liking my new look! Barbara M.

Shannon helped me to finally learn how to follow my partner! I had always had a tendency to try to lead or anticipate. She really gave me some helpful clues and now it so much easier. Rebecca Nedici

* I walked into a private lesson with Shannon wanting to learn Mambo. What I got was way more than dance steps. Shannon has taught me how to look at my whole body and attitude as part of the dance, how to lean in just right to create that hourglass figure, how my face and eyes can hold a dance partner or audience captivated, that I am strong and sexy, and most importantly, that I dance for me. Because it feels good.*
Pidgeon Von Tramp of The Von Foxies

In my nearly 8 years experience working for and with Shannon Knauss I have always been impressed by her enthusiasm and love of the art of dance. She has a passion for finding and studying new forms of movement as well as experimenting with costumes hair and makeup. What ever the project, she's always willing to go the extra mile to make sure it dazzles! Shannon never dumbs it down, but steps it up & helps you rise to the challenge. On opening night (even if she's just coming to show support) Shannon is always front row with a congratulatory bouquet. She's the kind of caring, wonderful fun woman you'd want in your corner. I wouldn't trade my experiences dancing with her for anything in the world!
*tana the tattooed lady*

When I met Shannon Knauss 8 years ago I knew we'd work together for a very long time. Her professionalism in the dance industry shines with every new venture and the enthusiasm she exudes for dancing is truly contagious. I have worked with many a dancer, instructor and student and Shannon's experience and expertise with a variety of dance styles is second to none. Shannon's eye for talent and her supportiveness over the years never ceases to amaze me. Simply put, she's fabulous. xo Summer

I have been dancing with Shannon for five years now and highly recommend her
to new students. Shannon has not only taught me the syllabus patterns in
the dances I've learned but also keeps refining my technique so I become a
better and better dancer. She is very savvy at minding my interest level so
I continue to feel forward progress in my dancing with each lesson. Shannon
has taught me to "dance thin" which I can vouch no male instructor has
ever deigned to mention. I now am able to generalize body position and
lines that flatter my figure and look feminine while dancing. Shannon has
helped me find improvisation moves and arm stylings that feel natural and
look good on me. These are all invaluable ingredients to feeling confident
and looking good while dancing. Ladies we all know we can take a plain
outfit and accessorize it for a Saturday at the park or an evening on the
town. Shannon has helped me make the most of my dance skills in the same
way. From my first awkward tentative steps as a beginner through
competition routines I have looked forward to the fun interchange and frank
feedback from Shannon that motivate and inspire me to be a better dancer.
Try her! You'll be glad you did.
Lisa S

Photos of Shannon at a competition with a student