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Dance Class for Women!

Date Published:
November 5, 2003

NEW !! New For Winter 2003 ! READ EVERYTHING!
Check out the class schedulle on the website

This Class has been going for one month already !
We have experimented with Salsa , Funk & Jazz .
Two routines have begun.
Tana Miller is teaching choreography in a Middle Eastern Hip-Hop Style to a song by Punjabbi and Shannon is choreographing "I like the way you move" by Outkast

LOCATION ! Le' Cha Cha Dance Studio! North Seattle

Dance Divas ,
Dance Taught by women for women.
A build you UP Style of learning and progression. Improvement through positive motivation. Check bad attitudes at the door and express yourself through Dance!
Teaching Dance Divas through demonstrations by skilled professionals , choreography by qualified dancers, encouragement , inspiration & repetition
Demonstrations and weekly experiments with an array of popular dance styles .Universal flexibility and balance strength training to popular upbeat music . Choreography for Latin, Rhythm, Salsa,Hip-Hop, Pop,Middle Eastern, Cha Cha , Samba, Funk, Musical Theatre,

This is a group you will ENJOY and not want to miss ! This is "Girls -Night-Out" dancing everyweek HASSLE FREE! Feel satisfied getting your dance on!
Everyone will take a turn at all positions and be encouraged to take a turn showing off . Everyone Dances , No Spectator Class Policy!
Learn how to work an audience, hypnotize a judge , ace an audition or just get comfortable dancing in front of peopl.
This class will celebrate the female image in dance and will help to bring out the star in you. Our take-turns system of Lead & Follow
positions in partner dances will improve all aspects of your confidence. Our supportive vibe will help you to overcome all obstacles.
Learn to be comfortable and confident with your sexuality in dancing
Dance how you would like to dance!

A safe place ,quiet neighborhood, Smoke FREE , Guaranteed GREAT MUSIC, Great Brand NEW DanceFLOOR, Bring your own water ,
Dance shoes and dancewear recommended.

A Shannon Knauss-Mant Seattle GoGo and DanceExperts Production.
Shannon will bring her together her vast collection of music and a
personal realization of a phenomenal team of local dancers with global talent.
A class,a workshop,a group,a team, friends, a job?

Wednesday nights in -Feb

Learn Choreography for popular music,
Amateur Performances Starting (for the bold and beautiful ) in Feb & March
Possible paid dance performance opportunities for Seattle GoGo Professional Dance Divas

Are you a Dance Diva at heart ?
Do you want to perform or compete,win and take home all of the prizes
have you always dreamed of perfecting your Diva like presence on the stage or dancefloor at the same time improving your technical skills as you are inspired and trained by a a team of motivated and
talented women encouraging you to express your musicality ,diversity and learn skills?

This class is for amateur and professional Dance Divas , FEMALE ONLY!

In respect of the Adult Subject matter in some of the current popular music this class is not for kids but it could be good for a maturing teenage girl needing a to express herself with the MTV/Club style of dance in a safe environment.
Teens will be accepted on a one class trial . Maturity, skills and desire will be evaluated.

The Dance Studio is under a house in a quiet residential area off of exit 174 in North Seattle.
the exact address will only be given to registered Dance Divas

COST: $15 Class Starts at 7:30 , 90 mIN class

Drop-ins will be allowed but only those consistant attendance and personal practice discipline will be considered for professional employment positions.
Check out the Seattle GoGo Page on the website for employment information.

Happy Dancing!!