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Cross-Step Waltz Patterns Video

Shannon Knauss
Date Published:
September 1, 2008

The Cross- Step Waltz is a casual folk style social dance. Danced mainly in community recreation centers, granges and dance halls.

The same patterns and elements are also in American Style Waltz and Country Waltz but with different names.
American Style Waltz and Country Waltz are slower than the Cross-Step and Viennesse Waltz is faster.

It would be much nicer if this gentleman paid more attention to his head positions, frame, dance positions and footwork and ultimately to his partner but he is a confident dancer and obviously a good leader and sometimes follower. This is a useful video to see some patterns and to also see how feet can look bad, like they are plodding along, no attention is paid to the details.

This demonstration of Cross Step Waltz calls out the pattern names for you. Enjoy!