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Belly Dance-Off! Special Event

Date Published:
April 27, 2010

Belly dancers take the live music challenge — YOU decide the winner! Sunday, May 2nd — 6:30pm (Seating at 6) Crimson Theatre (Enter through Little Red Bistro) 400 Dexter Avenue North (corner of Dexter & Harrison) $10 Advance | $15 at Door

An interactive evening of artistic talent, delicious eats and a full bar in an exquisite venue! Ambitious dancers perform impromptu to live world class music by MB Orchestra, as three luminous judges provide helpful feedback. But only THE AUDIENCE casts the vote and decides the outcome! Our luminous judges for May are Tamalyn Dallal, Aleili, and Shannon Knauss.

Dancers: With this exceptional live feedback, grasp this unprecedented opportunity to advance your performance skills and feature your dance with live music under dazzling performance lights! Need breathtaking photos of your dancing? Chris Yetter will be at this event, doing his photographic magic. In addition, the champion is crowned a sparkly tiara, awarded $50, and invited to compete for the annual grand prize title.

Registration forms can be downloaded at or request registration details and more info at Experience the artistry, improvisational excellence, and divine connection between live music and dance, unifying to make art in the moment. Because this sensational music must be enjoyed by everyone, there will also be plenty of time for everyone to get on up and get their groove on! ------ S U Z A N N A ------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------